Doctors on Call in the Present Scenario

In this raging pandemic year the backbone of the health care system the ‘Doctors on Call in the Present Scenario’ are in great demand. Inspite of the viral threat there are some brave hearts who are pouring their heart out to serve the people. They are responding to the call. Treating the patient, giving advice and bolstering the moral of the people not to lose heart. Tele advice ,remotely prescribing medicine and at times helping patient to get admitted to hospitals and in a sense providing holistic treatment. One cannot visualize the situation if the doctors backed out. Even they are humans and fear for their life.

In a sense the doctors act as a Health Manager. There are a disparate list of specialist who work in unison to provide a comprehensive health care system. They provide guidance to the family members ,help them to have confidence so that the concerned patient recuperate well. The doctor’s apart from providing health service ensures it’s done in a cost effective way. The doctor’s act as a messiah in these trying times.

Doctors on Call in the Present Scenario can be elusive. People are so scared at the slightest prognosis that they always are in need to give a call. The doctors do respond but at times due to immense pressure turn down the call. At this juncture the patient are in real distress.

When a doctor responds to a patient’s call he listens to the ailments and prescribes medicine or at time advice the concerned person to dos & dont’s. It’s up to the patient or his family to abide by whatever he spells out. The doctor’ s work as health manager. The patient must diligently follow his advice.

Doctor’s on call has varied job to perform. It’s not about prescribing medicine and addressing the diseased it’s more than that. A holistic approach has to be performed. One needs to act as a Health Manager. The socio economic factor has to dealt with. A scenario has to be worked out where by the patient feels comfortable to feel at home.

The psychological factor does play a vital part. Patient’s are somewhat diffident regarding doctor’s response. The spontaneity shown by the doctors at this critical juncture does a world of good. Patience hearing is keystone to all ailments. The moral of ailing is bolsteted and he or she feel free to share his agony.

There are instances where the doctor’s are reluctant to respond and as a result the patients are in real dilemma. They don’t know where to go neither they have the wherewithal to visit any places.

So Doctors on Call in the present scenario is the call of the hour. People really depend on them in time of emergency. They are considered the savior in time of crisis. The Hippocratian oath the doctors take cannot be more relevant when they are given a call. The way they respond determines their allegiance to the profession.